This batch comprises of cricketers ready to play competitive level at various age groups ( U-14, U-16, U-19, U-25 & Seniors).

M’Power's advance batch is provided with a high intensity training program / scheduels to fast track their development with a adopted combination of video analysis & high performance skill development techniques.


Weakening to start the inning in a rock-solid way by
not considering the situation and conditions properly.

  • Failing to convert good starts into big knocks.
  • Discomfort against a particular type of bowler or delivery.
  • Incapability to tackle short-pitched balls etc.
Various Fielding drills are practiced to improve..
  • Ground Fielding
  • High Catching
  • Sliding Stops
  • Close Catching
  • Slip Catching
  • Under-Arm Throws
Various Fielding drills are practiced to improve..
  • Improper Run-Up.
  • Problems In the Basic Bowling Actions.
  • Lack Of Control.
  • Developing A New Delivery In The Existing Style.
Various advance drills are used to improve wicket keeping comprising of
  • Glove work ( General / Over stumps / starching back )
  • Foot work ( General / over stumps / standing back / run out / diving )

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